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An Award Winning Design Company that screen prints and focuses on Giving Back.

We started off our new missions by buying a long standing phone number and gathering a database of over 20,000 surrounding businesse's and organization's art. Our efforts are being drawn together to help local business owners and to continue to give back into the community through yet another source.

After many years of doing projects throughout the United States and supporting community in design we tried to better determine what would help our efforts be more effective. So we scouted the perfect solution for expanding our product line and our ability to be able to have more to give back. For a long time we have done projects that required us to utilize outside sources to help gather promotional products and we decided it was about time for us to do this on our own. After hearing of a local screen-printing shop that was set to close we set out to get ready for some new things. After 17 years of Award Winning designs, being named one of the top Design Firms and the experience of helping build brands and working with companies such as TOMS, Half United, The Kula Project, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. We decided what better way to develop our company and give back than to help you move your company and brand into something great. In short, now we print t-shirts.

Give Through Design does not do the cookie cutter clipart thing, all our designs our hand made and uniquely imagined for your individual project. To get your order going send us and email or use our online form. Please be nice and try to include all the info you know will be helpful.


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Give our studio a call at (757) 565–5200 to set up your appointment or phone consultation. Our designer will sit with you and go over all the details of your idea and give you insight to the process of how our designs are created and implemented into all of our prints.

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